Arts and Religion Careers in Florida

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As a potential career path, the fields of arts and religion is a diverse sector of tremendous professional growth.  Individuals who pursue these lines of work have the added advantage of being able to draw from two dynamic fields of educational background and professional endeavors.  The mix of arts and religion lends itself to a variety of career choices.  The state of Florida offers residents and non-residents alike the opportunity to explore many branches of these fields of employment, and it would appear that the future is continually looking bright!

Careers for Graduates of Online Schools in Florida

A career path in arts and religion is unique in that it combines many different skills sets and interests.  Individuals interested in pursuing a professional path in this direction might consider positions as religious writers, art directors, art history teachers, administrative assistants in religious institutions, curators, video editors or even producers as well as church youth ministers, missionaries and education workers.  The possibilities are endless because these fields of study are so broad.  Professionals who graduate with a degree in arts and religion and choose to continue on to pursue a career will be able to apply their skills to a variety of job markets and geographical locations, giving them a definite and competitive edge in the field.

Not only do careers in the fields of art and religion apply to a variety of job markets and locations, they also say a lot about an individual. Employers sometimes look for employees that can think outside of the box and apply a sense of creativity, which an art background can indicate. Similarly, a religious background can indicate trustworthiness and high morality.

Why Florida Online Colleges? Career Building 101

Florida has a growing number of arts and religion programs being offered at many Christian colleges throughout the state.  Some of the most notable schools include Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Trinity International University as well as Florida Memorial University.  Each of these institutions offers students a chance to prepare for a career that combines religious philosophy with general education.  The majority of these institutions are 4-year, private educational facilities that offer opportunities for continuing education beyond undergraduate work.  Many professionals working in the field of arts and religion combine a number of interest branches to create a unique career path for themselves.

Similarly, graduates of an arts and religion degree that are looking to pursue specialized career options in Florida are eligible to participate in several online Florida school programs offered through Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, AmericanIntercontinental University and The Art Institute.  Using online courses to enhance a degree or become specialized in a field allows jobs seekers to hone their skills in graphics, education, communication or art history alongside their religious studies.

Miami and other southern lying cities in Florida such as St. Petersburg and Tampa are growing hubs for job seekers, and those looking to build careers in arts and religion can expect to find more abundant opportunities in these locations.  Job opportunity is closely associated with proximity to well-known universities and southern Florida hosts a number of educational facilities in these areas as well as online Florida career schools that cater to students and professionals from around the globe.

Employment Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in the areas of arts and religion are on the rise and are expected to continue improving over the next several years.  The average income in the field is just over $47,000 annually, and it is estimated that the field as a whole will grow approximately 13% by the year 2018.

The following are a sampling of careers in the fields of arts and religion as well as their respective hourly wages for Florida residents from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Directors, Religious Activities and Education – $16.98
  • Religious Workers – $14.12
  • Graphic Designers – $20.86
  • Art, Drama, and Music Teachers (Post-Secondary) – $69,350 per year
  • Fine Artists – $15.41

Employment in the field of arts and religion can be a very rewarding path, and Florida is a great place to build a professional foundation.  With the number of religious study programs on the rise and an increased need for media arts professionals, keeping Florida on you radar in your career pursuit is a must.