Online Bachelors Degrees in Florida

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People are quickly learning that a college degree is now more important than ever. While you may already hold an associates degree and work in your chosen field, there are reasons to continue your education to earn a bachelors degree. If your main concern is the scheduling of an education alongside your work schedule, you’ll be happy to know that Florida online schools allow students to earn a degree on any schedule.

Florida Online Colleges

In Florida, as well as all across the U.S., colleges are offering online degree programs. Some colleges such as the University of Phoenix, for instance, offer degree programs for students no matter where they are, but there are also online schools in Florida that offer residents special benefits for attending a college in state.

The first step to obtaining your bachelors degree is to look at what career path you may want to take and find online universities in Florida that will offer those programs. The University of West Florida, located in Pensacola, for example, offers online programs for students who want to attend a college in their home state. Like most universities, UWF will offer a wide range of programs of study that allow you to earn your Bachelor’s degree in whatever field you choose.

If attending a Florida-based school is not as important to you, you may find some online colleges in Florida with campus locations in the state. For example, the University of Phoenix is one of the most popular online colleges and will offer a wide range of programs for you to study, but as of yet, they don’t have a physical campus in Florida. They do have smaller offices or building for students to meet face-to-face with administrators and ways for students to attend labs, but don’t expect an expansive campus like UWF from the University of Phoenix. Still, from environmental science to networking and telecommunications, you will be able to find the course of study that you need at a large institution like University of Phoenix.

Other colleges like Everest University Online or Capella University will offer more specialized bachelors degree programs for students who are after a specific career path.

Finding the Right Career

Now that you have a few ideas of colleges that you can attend, you may want to know a bit more about some of the popular career choices that students are considering. Finding a career that you can enjoy and make a comfortable living at will be important, so consider some statistics on a few sample career paths, and see if they fit into your plans for the future. If not, use them as a spring board for ideas as you decide on a specific career that will be perfect for you.

    • Healthcare degree holders have just under 500,000 employees in Florida, with an average income of almost 70,000 dollars a year. Medical degrees are seeing alarming growth as our population ages, so this could be a perfect field if you want to work with and help people. At the bachelors degree level, you will most likely enter the field as a registered nurse with room to continue your education into more advanced medical degrees.
    • Education, training or library occupations can see an average income in the 50k range. Furthermore, early education and special education degree holders can see a 20% increase in growth over the next decade.
  • Paralegals and Legal assistants can expect a median income in the $47,000 range, with over 21,000 graduates currently employed in Florida. By 2018, the field is expected to see a 24% growth, so this may be a great field to enter.

While highly technical jobs such as information technology and computer programming are not included in some of the fastest growing careers listed above, that does not mean that a career in technology sciences would be a bad idea. There are countless tech fields that you can enter from game design, to UI programming, or highly technical positions like server maintenance. The working world is constantly changing, and the fastest growing jobs today may be at the bottom of the list with all new careers exploding in four or five years. Technology is changing almost daily, so spend some time researching what could be on the forefront of people’s needs, and consider moving into a field that would take advantage of that need. With a bachelor’s degree from online schools in Florida, you can expect to enter just about any tech field with a comfortable salary. Some companies may request that you earn a higher degree to advance within the field, and you can expect a higher salary with these advancements.

Making a Choice

The hardest part of starting your journey to a higher education is making that first step. If you are still unsure about the path you want to follow, speak with advisors at online schools in Florida that you are interested in. Tell them what you are looking for upon graduation, what you enjoy, what you seem to be good at, and get them to help you make that choice. Once you do, spend time talking with them about what you need to do to make sure your education program runs smoothly.

Online colleges in Florida give you the ability to go to college on any schedule. Your classes will rarely have required meeting times, and you will complete assignments by a due date. That means, studying and completing school work can be done on your time, day or night, as long as you are meeting your deadlines. Don’t let the fear of a busy schedule keep you from making the most important choice for you and your family—start looking for bachelor’s degree programs today.