Florida Beaches & Beach Towns

Though the main purpose of your stay in Florida may be to study in one of its many online colleges, you are certainly not prohibited from having some good clean fun in the sunshine state. Florida’s beaches and beach towns are perfect places to relax.

Florida is known for its numerous fabulous beaches; some of the best beaches in the country can be found here in sunny Florida. When not occupied with your business of your online colleges, you can simply hang out at any beach of your choice – or imagine going online in the highly relaxed atmosphere of one of these great Florida beaches.(You should of course take care that your laptop or notebook computer does not get wet.)

Depending on whether you want to go to the beach to party, to have fun with your family, to go camping, snorkeling or surfing, there is a beach around that is perfect for you. Following is a list of a few of the more popular beaches, each with a short description of what one can expect from them:

1. Best Overall Beach -Siesta Key Public Beach: Only 15 minutes from Sarasota, this beach boasts of the whitest, softest, sugar sand anywhere. The beach is very wide and flat, suitable for people-watching. The water is very clean, initially shallow and slopes gently into deeper water. Perfect for walking, swimming and just lounging around, Siesta Key Public Beach is the number one choice of many students taking time off from their online colleges.

2. Most Romantic Beach -Blind Pass Beach: Blind Pass Beach, never being crowded, is the best place to take someone for a romantic getaway or a quiet honeymoon. The view is spectacular. Several charming restaurants and cottages can also be found here that are perfect for couples wanting time tospend time by themselves. If you plan to go here alone, this is also a great place for fishing.

3. Best Beach for Snorkeling – Crescent Beach,Siesta Key: At a spot called Point-Of-Rocks located on this beach at the far end of Siesta Key can be found the best place for shallow-water snorkeling. The water here is exceptionally clear and calm, and fish congregate here to feed. This is one of the better places to distract oneself from the pressures of the online colleges.

4. Best Family Beach -Manatee County Beach: This beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches. The sand is beautifully white,the water is calm, clean, and shallow enough to be safe for kids. Families can go camping, parasailing or take charter fishing trips to Egmont Key. Families are known to come back to this beach year after year.

5. Hands Down Best Party Beach –Lynn Hall Memorial Park, Fort Myers Beach: No two ways about it: if a party is what you’re looking for with other similar party animals, Lynn Hall Memorial Park at Fort Myers Beach is the place to be, with its numerous beach bars, dive restaurants, souvenir shops and assorted hotels, motels and beach houses. Fort Myers beach is a fun place to be in and a great place to relieve the stress brought about by your online colleges. The park has excellent clean and modern facilities and is literally steps away from countless restaurants and shops.

6. Best Camping Beach -Cayo Costa State Park: If you happen to have days to spare from the requirements of your online colleges, this beach provides the best of the few beach camping opportunities in all of Florida. All of the campgrounds here are excellent. Cayo Costa beach is gorgeous and there are trails all over the island. If the best in beach camping is what you are looking for, then Cayo Costa is for you.

The surrounding Florida beach towns likewise are good places to go, and each has its own unique personality.

1. Marco Island: This town is famous for its golf courses and luxury resorts. South of Naples on the Gulf Coast, Marco Island is a tropical paradise that boasts white sandy beaches, fishing and boating, great seafood and unbelievable sunsets.

2. Indian Rocks Beach: There’s may not be much at Indian Rocks Beach, but some say that the best sunsets can be seen from the sandy beaches of this place. The beaches face due west, providing majestic views of the setting sun the whole year around.

3. Panama City: A lot of people dub this as the top spot for students of online colleges taking a well-deserved break. Certainly it is the destination of other students on spring break, where one can enjoy its seemingly endless white powder sand beaches daytime and its packed nightclubs at night.

4. South Beach: Also known as SoBe, there is simply so much to see and do at this place. South Beach is a major entertainment destination with its hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and hotels, exrtemely popular with both American and international tourists.

There are still many other notable Florida beaches and beach towns to visit aside from those mentioned above. For more details, one can always visit reliable travel sites like TripAdvisor.com, Travellerspoint or Travel Blog.org, to name a few.